Inspections & Testing

Quality processes are not built overnight. America II has made major advancements in the area of quality assurance in its 26 years of existence. We have made significant investments through the purchase of leading-edge test and inspection equipment to ensure security of the supply chain. Our continuous improvement and training programs provide our inspection teams with up-to-date knowledge of industry standards.

Ensuring quality products starts at the very beginning of the America II process via a strict vendor qualification policy. Based on our ISO vendor management system, America II currently has nearly 5,000 suppliers permanently disqualified. In addition, a large portion of our inventory consists of factory-fresh product, while another portion is customer-owned, which is consigned for asset recovery. All product is new and is carefully vetted through our quality system.

Our inspection process begins the moment a member of our staff touches the incoming shipment and continues with our QC Inspectors’ visual inspection. Our quality inspectors are highly skilled in discovering the most minute product quality flaws and have an array of inspection tools at their disposal. The components go through several tests including visual inspections with high magnification microscopes and cameras for document control and physical dimension tests. The visual inspection process continues with enhanced inspection techniques such as marking permanency, product resurfacing or “black-topping” tests. Each test conforms to America II’s Sampling Plan and is recorded on the incoming inspection documentation. Inspectors are trained to follow Customer Specific Instructions – or CSIs – found in the ordering information of the QC Worksheet.

In addition, quality inspectors research components and their packaging to ensure the parts have been handled, stored and packaged in a manner that’s consistent with industry standards. Should our inspectors uncover any non-conformance, the product is elevated to the quality control team leader or supervisor. If the supervisor needs further support, the component engineers will assist in the matter and may recommend involvement from our third-party test facilities to perform a variety of authenticity tests to ensure the product conforms to the original component manufacturer’s specifications. America II’s in-house test facility is capable of tests such as XRF testing, decapsulation, x-ray, solderability tests and authenticity screening.